Plans and Pricing!

DoeeX offers Pas-As-You-Use, Premium, Managed, and enterprise plans.

DoeeX Pricing
$0.10Per 100 exported rows (excl. VAT)
  • Pay only for use
  • Daily 250 rows for FREE
  • $0.10 for every 100 rows extra
  • Unlimited feeds
  • Do-It-Your-Self
  • Ticket support
$49per month (excl. VAT)
  • Flat fee
  • 100.000 daily rows
  • +100K rows $49
  • Unlimited feeds
  • Do-It-Your-Self
  • Ticket support
  • Flat or metered fee
  • Up to rows
  • Up to 96 updates a day
  • Unlimited feeds
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited stores
  • Fully managed
  • Personal account manager
  • Up to 24/7 support
  • Custom login
  • Custom server setup
  • Custom functions
  • Dedicated server
  • ********************
  • Share your needs with us, and let us come with a custom solution.
FAQ about rows

What are rows?

A row is a line in a database with a number – very often this is called an SKU or product ID number.

What if I use more rows?

We have a fair use policy of 10%, so if you buy 100,000 rows, our system will let you use 110,000 rows. If you use more than 10% extra, our system will ask you to purchase extra rows.

What if I need over 1,000,000 rows?

We can always discuss with you your needs and make sure you get the best solution for your company without you overpaying for extras that you don’t need. Just contact us and see what we can do for you.

How do you count rows?

This depends on the plan you choose. For a monthly subscription, we count the average number of rows you export per day.
For example:

  • You export 10,000 rows a day in the first two weeks, and you export 20,000 rows, then the average is 15,000 rows.
  • You import 150,000 rows a day and after filtering you export 50,000 rows, we will count 50,000 rows.
  • You import 20,000 rows and you export 3 times a day 20,000 rows, we will count 60,000 rows.

For pay-as-you-use, we will count all the exported rows, not the imported ones. If you imported 10,000 rows,  and you exported 5,000 rows, we will bill you 50 times $0,05 for that action.

FAQ about pricing

What is Pay-As-You-Use?

We believe that not all companies have the need for daily updates or a flat rate for 100K products – for those companies we created pay-as-you-use. Here we let users just pay for the actual use of processing feeds.

How come you can offer more value for the same price?

From the start, we focused on creating a data feed management system that is not only optimum and can handle an unlimited amount of feeds, products and projects, but most of all we considered the cost from the start. This resulted in a technology that is very cost-efficient and this advantage we share with our users.

Also, we believe that do-it-yourself is very important for many smaller and midsize online companies. All you need is some help, and we offer that in our technology. But we don’t automatically give you extensive manual help with the set up of a feed, an account manager and a dedicated employee to help you 24/7 when you don’t need it. It’s the same way Google and Facebook advertising work – we believe you can do a lot yourself, to save cost, but we are there for you if you need us.

I want a discount – can I get one?

Yes you can, go for annual payment and you will save 15%.

When do I start paying?

To make sure you understand what you start with, we give you 250 rows a day for free to export, to see if we can help you. You can test the system and ask as many questions as you want, and we will be happy to help you and solve problems. If you like what we can do for you, then you can use Pay-As-You-Use or choose our Premium flat-rate subscription.

I’m very unhappy, I want my money back.

We don’t return any payments that you made to us, but you can cancel your subscription whenever you want for the coming month. We recommend, before you’re unhappy, to contact us and see what we can do to take you from a somewhat unhappy user into a happy one.