Big Data and Complex Problems Are Our Passion!

We started DoeeX, to do what you couldn’t do with others.

Uploading multiple product feeds

One or multiple, there is no limit to the number of feeds you can process. When you start a new project, you can simply add as many feeds as you want. You can do this by selecting them from your PC, drag and drop, or with an URL that is provided by your supplier.

Unlimited products

DoeeX has no limit to the number of products you can process. Yes, we know that most feeds have only several thousand products, but if you want to process millions of products, it is all possible.

Filtering the right products

Your supplier gave you 10,000 products in the product feed, but you need only 1,000 for your webshop? With our filtering system, you can filter the right products. For example, only red products, or products just for BMWs, or items under $100. There is no limit to filtering the right products from your product and data feed.

Adjusting prices

The product feed you received includes prices like €11.53 excl. VAT, and you want to price them with a healthy profit and VAT but in such a way that the numbers are nicely rounded for your clients? It’s all possible. Once you set the parameters, DoeeX will adjust all prices for you fully automatically.

Think Big,
Think Amazon!

Don’t limit your ambitions for the number of products you want to process!

Vertical merging of product feeds

When you have uploaded multiple data or product feeds, and you want to turn them into one superfeed, then this is possible.

Adding, changing and removing columns

Do you need more columns, do you want to rename them, or do you like to remove columns – it is all possible.

Horizontal merging of data feeds

Your supplier gave you multiple data feeds that have to be connected – with DoeeX you can horizontally merge them and turn them into one feed.

Types of fields

To make sure your database understands what is inside the fields, our system recognizes what fields types are in the columns.

Software compatible

If you use Magento, Lightspeed or another supplier of eCommerce software, with some easy steps, you can be connected and be sure you have a new product feed that is 100% compatible.


Daily, prices and stock can change, and new products are added by your supplier. With DoeeX you make sure your website stays up to date, and every day you receive an updated new product feed.