Enterprise Solutions:

Custom-made and complex data feed management solutions!

The right team for the job.

In a world where time is money and complicated problems need to be turned into stable and good working solutions, we offer enterprise solutions for data feed management. The team at DoeeX has experience in handling huge data streams in any way necessary. We have completed this in the past for the automotive and pharmaceutical industry to present them the data they needed, at the moment they needed it. We are confident that we can offer a custom-made solution the way you need it.

Wholesale solutions

For wholesalers that want to improve their ingoing and outgoing product feeds to give their clients, mostly webshops, a better and more accurate feed that will allow them to sell more. With our solutions for wholesalers, they can provide thousands of international webshops with one system that provides individual pricing and tracking.

Enterprise solutions

For larger webshops or online stores that want to be sure that the processing of their product feeds is up to date, no matter the number of products. Here we offer an “Amazon” solution that will give them a growth potential that fits large and international stores that may have hundreds of suppliers from different countries.

Agency solutions

For marketing agencies that want to improve their service to their clients to advertise products in a better way and give their clients better insight into their advertising and sales results. Agency solutions give their clients access so they can follow the results in a transparent way.

No problem is the same,
but most solutions are similar!

An enterprise solution is not expensive in contrast to the costs it saves and the better results it achieves. DoeeX will work for you from day one, to understand the needs that do and don’t exist. Enterprise solutions for data feed management are almost unlimited, but this doesn’t mean it has to be unlimited. DoeeX can provide companies with a dedicated content manager and update all their feeds 12 times a day, but is it necessary for the business model? Often an enterprise solution comes very close to what we offer to premium clients, with some add-ons and a higher “Service Level Agreement”.

Enterprise solutions from DoeeX ensure you get what you need, when you need it but within the budget and needs of your company. Contact us and share your problems and wishes when it comes to data feed management, and we will respond with a tailor-made solution for your company.