Product Feed Management for Ecommerce

What can DoeeX do for your online store?

Product and Data Feed Processing for Online stores.

DoeeX provides a full product feed service that saves you time processing your feeds before uploading them into your online store.

You know the problem – you get your product feeds from 20 different wholesalers, each in their own format and structure, and now you have to get them into your online store. It sounds so easy, until the moment you find out you have to adjust each feed manually to make them compatible, and before you know it, you aren’t helping your customers or making sales. No, you’re working on adding products into your system until late in the night. And as soon as they are all in, your wholesaler comes with new prices, out-of-stock updates, and products that you don’t want to sell in your webshop.

DoeeX can be connected with:

And many more.

Time to change the process and automate the system in your favor.

All within one platform and fully automated.

Do you want to work as efficiently as possible? Then start using DoeeX to upload, edit and update your products to your webshop. No need to open your product files in Excel, filter manually, or check if your supplier has changed the prices or it is still in stock. All you need is a one-time setup and once that is done, leave it to the system to have always a webshop that is up to date.

No limit

DoeeX works with all types of product feeds, no matter the number of products. Do you have CSV and Excel files that you can’t open on your PC because they have too many products? DoeeX opens and processes them for you without any trouble.

Safe time

Add the products that you get from your wholesalers in just a fraction of the time you currently spend on it. Instead of working late into the night to get it online, you can do what you do best – selling and providing the service that your clients deserve.

Combine and split

DoeeX can aggregate from 50 product feeds, just one, or from one product feed to 100 smaller feeds for different shops or advertising platforms.

Take Back Control

DoeeX gives you control over the products you want to sell, filters out the products that have the best margin, and kicks out the products that don’t fit your profile.

Smart system

DoeeX is a smart system and remembers the settings and preferences you used before – this makes it very easy to update and add new products to an existing feed and your webshop.

Best result

DoeeX lets you process product feeds in the way you want, getting the best results possible with the products that you want to see in your shop, correctly priced and ready to be sold.