Affiliate Solutions – Product Data Feed Processing For Affiliate Websites

DoeeX provides a full product feed service for affiliate entrepreneurs that want to save time in processing their affiliate feeds before you put it online.

From Affiliate companies like Commission Junction, Trade tracker, and many others, you get daily feed updates with deals you like to promote on your website. This can be a staggering 1 million deals a day that you have to process on your website. But how do you find the best deals in the feeds? The products that connect with your audience need to be handpicked from a long list of deals. And as you know, this costs time, a lot of time. Time that you can’t use to promote your channel, your website or social media pages and turn your hard work into sales.

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Time to change the process and automate the system in your favor.
  • DoeeX can process all the feeds you get from your affiliate partners very fast and turn them into feeds you need for your website.
  • DoeeX will find it: Your website is about holidays in Spain, under 200 euros, in September, and adults only? It doesn’t matter how big the feed is, DoeeX will find it and create a new feed for you instantly.
  • DoeeX lets you compare the same destination much faster. So, you have 25 feeds from different tour operators, and they all offer the same hotel? With Doeex you can find all the deals, order them in the right way, and advertise the best deals on your website.
  • DoeeX lets you make the best profit. Not only can Doeex filter the best deals for your clients for you, but what is the best deal for you? Some websites offer 3%, others 15%. Let DoeeX make a feed for you with the deals that will be profitable for you.
  • DoeeX lets you put feeds together, split them up, make them longer, or shorter. DoeeX is the ideal feed generator for you without limitations.
  • DoeeX can remember your preferences, so that next time you make a new feed, it understands your wishes and makes it go even faster to process your feed.
Creating the right feed for your Affiliate website was never this easy.

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How much does it cost in the future? Well, we believe that you choose how you want to pay and that you pay for what you need. Some affiliate websites have to update their products and prices one time a year; others have to update their prices three times a week. Every website is different in need, size, and time. That is why DoeeX will provide different payment plans that will always fit your needs and budget. Just try it for FREE and calculate the time you win back by using DoeeX to process the product feeds to your website and you will understand the value it gives you.
And just in case you might not like it, well, it didn’t cost you a cent.