About DoeeX – Do It, Do Extra!

DoeeX  comes from the Dutch words “Doe extra,” what means in English “Do Extra” and is pronounced as “Do eX.”

DoeeX was founded for and with entrepreneurs that all had the same problem: “How to process product feeds faster and easier into their website. This question came up more and more from different clients and friends that felt like they had a constant battle with the product feeds they were being presented by their suppliers.

Product feed processing idea

In the beginning, we started out by helping our clients manually, writing macros in Excel and helping them with customized solutions. Very often as a favor to get them moving forward. But in time the demand for feed processing more data became bigger and bigger. And so, we decided to start DoeeX.

When we started it, we took our knowledge of processing big data that we did in previous projects for the automotive industry and the pharmaceutical industry. For them, we processed up to a billion rows of data a day and gained a firm understanding of how to handle large feeds of data supplied by our clients. This data feeds sometimes had several million rows that needed to be processed quickly and accurately. All this knowledge derived from processing those feeds serves as the backbone of our system, together with the drive to find the right solution for our clients in an automated process that can save our clients hours, days, and sometimes even weeks of work a month.

Our aim is to become the leading provider of feed processing solutions for many thousands and thousands of small, medium, and large web companies. Now we are at the start of our journey, but with the daily feedback we get from our users, we will be able to make our ambition to succeed come true and be your partner when it comes to saving you time and money on processing those product feeds.

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