Import and Process Data Feeds With Ease

Save Time, Cut Costs & Boost Your Online Sales Potential!

Combine supplier feeds into one optimal feed

You might have feeds from several suppliers. DoeeX combines them into one superfeed, perfect for your online store or clients.

Filter the products that are the best fit for your online store

Your supplier has a feed with 10,000 products but only 799 fit your online store? No need for manual selection – let DoeeX do it.

Cut your uploading time by up to 90%

Stop adding products manually, checking the daily prices and stock. Once you’re set up, let DoeeX do the work for you. You can focus again on what you do best – service and sales!

Any budget – DoeeX can help you get the job done

You decide how often to update – every day or every year! Control how much you spend by how much you use DoeeX.

Complicated, multiple or huge data feeds?

DoeeX can handle it all!

For Who?

Online stores – Adding products and keeping them up to date on a webshop can be very time consuming – sometimes feeds are not complete or feeds have to be combined to make them usable.

  • DoeeX helps webshops to make it happen and save time.
  • Unlimited products, channels, and shops.
  • One-time setup – DoeeX does the rest!
  • A team of experts are available to guide you and solve your problems.
  • Total control – add or remove columns, change values, upgrade prices, write perfect SEO titles – every field can be tweaked and tuned to your needs.
How is DoeeX different from other similar services?

DoeeX is not made to help you to export to a market place, or just for eCommerce, nor will it limit you in the number of SKU’s you want to process, nor do we tell you how a feed should look. No, DoeeX was and is built with you in mind, we are dedicated to solving all of your feed processing issues. We believe we can offer a highly automated solution every step of the way; importing, merging, filtering, and exporting, in just the way you want.

We press on where others stop!

DoeeX merges multiple and complicated feeds

DoeeX categorizes your products

DoeeX filters products based on the parameters that you want

DoeeX offers a solution for every step in feed processing

DoeeX has no limits on files, SKU’s, tasks, or master rules

DoeeX is about your real needs, from basic to full service

DoeeX has technology that saves you up to 90% of your time. Share your challenge with us and we will share our solutions with you. We will help you sort massive feeds, enabling you to control your business better, increase your efficiency, and make more money.